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    Kiara Ratliff
    April 25, 2022

    Do not come here. This place needs to be shut down. The processing took a long time and I was the one there. They did not have me down on the schedule when I called weeks in advance and they continued to call me the wrong last name when I wrote my name continuously down spelled correctly. I then do a X-ray and he tells me that I have five wisdom teeth that needs to be pulled which I only came in for a cleaning. The cleaning process was rushed and very aggressive. My whole mouth was bleeding during the process. I had to spit the water out to the side every time. The assistant was no help at all and just laughed during it. Afterwards they gave me a cup to rinse my mouth out with. He also insulted me saying my bottom teeth needed braces which no other dentist said before. Therefore I still have to make another appointment with a different dentist to be seen. The place was also dirty and had a odd smell. Everything was outdated and ran through. Do not come here for nothing save your time. I wish I could put no stars. The whole time I felt unsafe and weird by being an young adult(18) and learning to go to appointments on my own. This experience triggered my anxiety even more.

    Clay Hughes
    May 27, 2022

    Zero stars if it would let me. Absolutely the nastiest dental facility I’ve ever seen. If the VA hadn’t sent me here for a simple “check the box” exam I would have walked out. I’ve literally been to cleaner dental facilities set up in tents in Iraq. The dental chair was missing an armrest and there was visible rust on parts of it. The instruments were not sterilized, they were stained before we started (rust or blood is anyone’s guess), and just sitting on a paper towel. The dentist didn’t even put on gloves at first when he banged/hit/smacked the HANDLE of the dirty pick onto my crown to show me it was porcelain. Very un-appreciated by me! He kept some of the instruments and tools in a little metal tin like sewing supplies or a junk drawer. After he put one of them in my mouth to do some weird ‘test’ which I’ve never had before in 40 years, he put it right back in the tin mixed with the other stuff! So I’m sure it hadn’t been cleaned before it went in my mouth from the last person, nor would it be for whoever came after me! 🤮. He wore a dirty cotton non-surgical mask, located under his chin. Useless. The old x-ray pano machine hits you in the back of the head for some reason, but at least the staff member warned me first I suppose? Anyway the X-ray machine is located IN THE MAIN HALLWAY which irradiates the entire office. Zero effort was made by the staff member to put the lead apron on me, and she never did, even though it was hanging on the wall next to the machine. The building as a whole was old, run-down, and dirty. The dentist’s white coat was filthy, stained, and missing buttons. He was handsy, wanted to talk about his hobbies, and 100% dismissive of my dental concerns. There wasn’t even soap in the men’s bathroom so I’m not sure how anybody properly washes their hands here. (A bottle of “hand sanitizer” on the sink is not an acceptable substitution). If I was getting actual dental work done I reiterate that I would have immediately walked straight out. And I recommend you do the same. Or better yet RUN! I will never willingly return to this person to do actual dental work on my teeth under ANY circumstances. I’d rather trust my neighbor with a pair of pliers. This guy makes the Army dentists I’ve had for the last 20 years look world-class in comparison.

    Bryana Jamison
    July 17, 2021

    Over the years, I have been seeing a lot of people give positive feedback about this dentistry so I had to check it out myself. I went in to get teeth 19 pulled since it was such a bother and the service was just over the top. The doctor was very thorough and great, he made sure that I wouldn’t experience much pain by numbing my mouth before even starting which I found to be very useful. I myself highly recommend him to anyone looking for great quality and experience especially when it comes to health. The doctor, himself, went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable throughout my procedure.

    Danielle Martin
    January 29, 2021

    His assistant is horrible and very unprofessional and thinks she runs the place. I will Never come back while she is there

    Angel L
    December 01, 2020

    Terrible dirty man, too handsy, and not clean at all

    Parkway Village Family Dentistry

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    3037 S Perkins Rd, Memphis, TN 38118, USA

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